Shropshire’s first BBQ competition team!

Smokin’ Salop are a competition BBQ team from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Joe Allwood created the team in 2014 when he decided to take his love of barbecueing to the next level. Competition BBQ generally revolves around American style low and slow smoking. Big hunks of meat such as pork shoulders and beef briskets on the BBQ pits for 10 hours or more!

At their debut in 2014, Smokin’ Salop won ‘Best Newcomer’ award, going on to win two more trophies in Bristol and Brighton. In May 2015 the team competed in Grillstock Festival in Manchester and won two categories, Chicken and Burger, and finished 4th overall. As the winners of the Burger category, Smokin’ Salop qualified for a place at the World Food Championships in Florida in November 2015.

Putting their burger to the test against 40 competition winning burger teams from around the world, Smokin’ Salop finished in the Top 10 of the first round making it through to the Final. The team achieved an amazing 8th place overall, and an automatic entry for next year!

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