We were set up and ready in a 3m x 3m pitch by late afternoon Friday at Grillstock, Bristol. This was to be our base, our cooking area, and our home for the next three days/two nights. So, Friday night at 7pm we had the cooks’ meet with head judge Ray ‘Dr BBQ’ Lampe running through the rules and the usual business. This was followed by 29 teams trying to socialise with one another whilst also prepping the two big low and slow meats that needed to go on the BBQ that night – pork and brisket.


After a few beers and plenty of rum from our neighbouring team, Plymouth Pit Pirates, we put our pork shoulders on the smoker at midnight. We then had 5 hours sleep, followed by a mammoth Saturday. 5 different categories to hand in throughout the afternoon, including pork, brisket, chef’s choice, burgers and a mystery round. We were feeling a bit nervous about the burger round, especially after a few teams were bigging up our previous burger achievements on the Friday night. Luckily our burger cook went well even if a bit frantic to hand in on time, but you never know until the prize giving on Sunday evening how you’ve done in any category.

Pork and brisket we felt had also gone well that day, chefs choice was really the big dissapointment of the day though, in fact the weekend. The less said about the overdone venison the better.


Moving on to Sunday, after another night sleeping under the stars we could all really do with a shower by this point- reeking of smoke, meat and bbq sauce. Mmmmmm. But, there were 3 more rounds to hand in before any such luxuries. Chicken was first up which we felt had gone quite well, not our best, but good. Chicken wings went ok, then the big one of ribs to close the competition. Ribs have been a bit of a competition nemesis for us, so it was really good to see some great ribs come off our smoker.

Sunday night at the awards ceremony we couldn’t believe to be called 3rd in Ribs, 2nd in Burger and 3rd overall out of 29!!!! Massive!! We are thrilled to have done so well, against some amazing teams. It is also great to have some consitency in the burger category winning last year and coming 2nd this year. We had so much fun at Grillstock and plans are already being hatched for next year!!

Thanks again for all of your support!