This Grillstock we go into with a bit more expectation than previous years. After coming 4th last year and winning two categories, chicken and burger, we have set a bar for ourselves. Add to that the fact that we competed in the World Food Championships in November and placed 8th in the Burger round – our burger needs to be good. 

Preparations for this competition have been a bit different. Brisket we have done a decent amount of practice and are quite happy with. Pork practice, however, has come in the form of a private catering party, which was great to be asked to do, but does limit your attention to detail on the meat itself.

We’ve all been buying camp beds this week, as we intend on sleeping out on the Friday night around the BBQ’s We have to smoke 2 x briskets and 2 x pork shoulders through the night! So fingers crossed for warm, dry nights in Bristol!

Our hopes are to try and maintain the scores that we produced last year and maybe up some of them, particularly ribs (which continue to be a weakness). We shall most definitely be having a blast whatever the food does. It will be great to link up with all the BBQ family once again.

For more information on Smokin Salop and for partnership and sponsorship opportunities get in touch.

Thanks for your continued support. Bring on Grillstock!

Joe & the team