Following the successes of 2015 (including our top ten finish in the World Food Championships) we’ve found ourselves invited to more BBQ competitions and the world of Smokin Salop BBQ Team has become very serious (cough). 

It has been great to represent Shropshire on the international stage and we want to continue to do so in our quest to conquer the BBQ scene.

We were delighted to be approached by Shropshire graphic design agency Salop Creative. We first worked with Salop Creative when they designed our emblem back at the start of our BBQ team journey.

They’ve agreed to sponsor and support us with a new website, social media assistance and with ongoing design.

Their director Joel stated “Smokin Salop have secretly been doing Shropshire proud at globally recognised food events. We are ecstatic to be helping them get the attention they so rightly deserve”.

We continue to look for suitable partners who can benefit from promotion on our popular website, their logos displayed on our BBQ stand and uniforms, exposure at internationally renowned food competitions and regular social media and PR. If you’d like to know more about the opportunities to partner with Smokin Salop, get in touch.

For more information on Salop Creative, please see their website.