We thought we’d introduce the team in the form of brief interviews. Starting with the man who came up with the concept of Smokin Salop… Joe Allwood.

Name: Joe Allwood
Age: 29
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Day job: Theatre Technician

How did you get involved with Smokin’ Salop BBQ Team?
I created the team myself. In 2013 my wife told me I needed a hobby, I’ve always been big into BBQ so I decided to take it a few steps further and look into competing.

What is your favourite BBQ food and why?
Either beef brisket or beef short ribs. Brisket is such a labour of love that when it cooks perfectly not only is it awesome tasting, but a massive achievement too.

What is the best thing you have ever cooked?
Either our burgers in Florida at the World Food Champs or venison loin.

What is the worst thing you have ever cooked?
Cupcakes on the bbq that didn’t really go according to plan- I think they all got binned!

What has been your highlight with the team so far?
I think reaching the top 10 of the World Food Championship burger category. That, or our 2nd place Brisket trophy from Brighton- it was only our 3rd comp and to do so well in the hardest category, against some of the teams we were against, was amazing!

What’s the best thing you’ve witnessed at a BBQ competition?
At every competition the camaraderie between teams impresses me. All the teams help each other out and it is good to see.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed at a BBQ competition?
I think at 2am, on Brighton seafront, seeing gazebos lifted off the ground and over 8 foot fences by 30 mph wind.

What are your hopes for the team’s future?
Hopefully more competitions. Last year we didn’t compete at many due to personal reasons. Short term goals are to better our results at Grillstock and World Food Championships this year.