Name: Tom Almond
Age: 29
Hometown: Sheffield
Day job: Accountant

How did you get involved with Smoking Salop BBQ Team?
To give Joe a hand, when he was clearly in over his head.

What is your favourite BBQ food and why?
Pork and brisket sandwich. Why choose when you can have both.

What is the best thing you have ever cooked?
Chicken thighs. Both in practice and at competition are consistently good.

What is the worst thing you have ever cooked?
First attempt at pizza on the bbq sticks out in my mind. Joe had seen someone (probably Jamie Oliver) using bricks to make an even surface to cook it. The ones we used had holes in the middle so all the dough disappeared down the holes.

What has been your highlight with the team so far?
Being 5th in the World Food Championships after the first round. Unexpected to say the least – we went to a basketball game rather than the awards ceremony.

What’s the best thing you’ve witnessed at a BBQ competition?
The view from the winners stage.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed at a BBQ competition?
A full keg of beer being stolen from your pit despite one of the team (Joe) being asleep next to it all night.

What are your hopes for the team’s future?
That Joe takes the team further into catering and makes a business of it.